Thanks for submitting!

We were overwhelmed by the amount of pitches we received for the Creator Series and we’d like to thank everyone who submitted! Our selection committee pored over each and every one and have narrowed the selection down to a list of ten films for this year’s Creator Series. We think these films cover a wide variety of topics, points of view, and subject matter that will entertain, educate, and enthral our audience.

Travel to Bali to see what it takes to make your way across the country with limited money and bartered objects. Take an in-depth look into trails and the builders behind them. Explore the rocky and foggy trails of an east coast island. Drive across the country with a former mechanical engineer redefining what success means to him and those around him to a graphic novel exploration of the sounds in mountain biking, and many more.

Read on below to get to know our 2019 Creator Series Filmmakers and to get a quick synopsis of what their passion projects will entail*.

*Subject to the Creator Series Rules and execution of the sponsor required production contract(s)


selected filmmakers

connor tieulie.jpg

Conner Tieulie

Instagram: @connortieulie 

Film: Adaptive MTB
Adaptive bikes offer a gateway for almost everyone to ride and live life to the fullest. This film will follow a Colorado trail boss and dirt jumper as he rides from everyday pedalling to the slopes of Trestle and finally the Adaptive MTB World Championships.     

Dru Kennedy.jpg

Dru Kennedy

Instagram: @dru_kennedy

Film: Newfoundland
Newfoundland; a massive raw slab surrounded by the frigid North Atlantic waters. Ride the rock deep into the fog to discover the trails and tales that defines this remote island's strong riding culture.


Kristina Wayte

Instagram: @SketchyTrails @thetrailseries

Film: Trail Series
An animated comic that evokes and stylizes the sounds and surroundings we experience as mountain bikers.

Jake Frew

Instagram: @jake.frew

Film: Redefining Success
I think we’re in desperate need of a new definition of success. I’ll be traveling across the country in my van to tell the stories of mountain bikers who are pushing back against this cultural norm, and finding their own individual versions of success that go beyond a paycheck.  


Markella Mildenberger

Instagram: @markella_markella_

Film: “It's Just Like Riding a Bike."
An Ordinary Woman dives into intense physical training over the course of a month for a 7 day long Mountain Bike Race that will test everything she knows about her limits and the cliché, “it's just like riding a bike."      


Scott Secco

Instagram: @scott_secco

Film: Billder
Billder is a portrait of Bill McLane, his passion for digging trails, and a wider look at what his work means to the riders on Vancouver Island. We'll see how people shape trails and how trails shape the community of people who ride them.    


Jason Mannings

Instagram: @jasonmannings

Film: Story Trails
Our Story Trails is a documentary film about an alternative outdoor school for First Nations youth, where students spend their days outdoors: building mountain bike trails, riding mountain bikes, and learning traditional skills and cultural wisdom along the way.  


John Colthorpe + William Binamé

Instagram: @john_outhouse, @keeganwrightmtb, @willbiname

Film: The Wright Way: Bali – The Island of the Gods
With only his bike and limited cash in hand, pro mtb rider, Keegan Wright will have to buy, barter, and beg for the necessary supplies and transportation to make his way across volcanoes, through temples and down rice terraces, all in search of trail freedom. 


Skye Schillhammer

Instagram: @skyeride

Film: From Slide to Ride
A failed logging town that turned a natural disaster into the first step in a new direction. Without the ability to survive on traditional industry, Darrington, WA turns to outdoor recreation and mountain biking to help bring in tourism dollars, as well as to engage local residents.



Peter Wojnar

Instagram: @peterwojnar 

Film: Dirt is Soft
Pain is temporary, and broken bones will mend. But it’s the forced time off our bikes, that we’ll never get back, that really hurts… and motivates us, inspires us, and drives us to be better. Yeah, we’ve got a tricky relationship with injury.