Film 9/10 - Redefining Success

Filmmaker: Jake Frew

Synopsis: Filmmaker Jake Frew thinks we’re in desperate need of a new definition of success so he sets out on a journey - traveling across the country in his van to tell the stories of mountain bikers who are pushing back against this cultural norm, and finding their own individual versions of success that go beyond a paycheck.


Why We Chose this Film: An aspiring filmmaker quits his day job and sets out on a road trip to reframe what being successful means to himself and others he meets along the way. In this day and age, we are bombarded with messages of what we're supposed to be striving for and what being successful is supposed to look like. Jake finds that true success cannot be distilled down to such limiting definitions. His honesty and positive outlook attracted us to this project and we know you will enjoy his exploration of alternate versions of success.

Film 8/10 - Resilient

Filmmaker: Connor Tieulie

Synopsis: Life flourishes when you can learn to push down barriers and challenges that can be thrown at you out of nowhere. Jerad Fischer, Lindsey Runkel, and Dan Soller are the living proof of how you can keep shredding and attacking life with a positive and tenacious attitude after a life-changing injury. From Colorado local dirt jumps, to Highland Mountain, to the Adaptive MTB World Champs, "Resilient" will prove that we are all capable of what we put our minds to!


Why We Chose This Film: Overcoming obstacles is a way of life for the individuals dealing with life-changing injuries. Connor presents three inspiring stories of adaptive mountain bikers challenging themselves and approaching life with a positive and determined attitude. It’s so powerful to see bikes continuing to play such a huge role in their journeys and it reminds us that the sense of freedom that we feel when riding is something that ties us together - no matter the obstacle in front of us. Enjoy this celebration of the resiliency of the human spirit.

Film 7/10 - Landwash

Filmmaker: Dru Kennedy

Synopsis: Newfoundland; a massive raw slab surrounded by the frigid North Atlantic waters. An island that defines east coast Canadian culture, where lobster traps and small town bars sit amongst incredible scenic vistas.

But as beautiful as it is, there’s a side of Newfoundland that doesn’t show up on the postcards that - for a small but growing group of passionate riders - truly defines what makes this place so special. A single dirt road runs through a small town, nonexistent cell reception deep within an old logging trail, and ancient rock formations with jagged seams that dominate the landscape.

Ride the rock deep across the island to discover the trails and tales that define this remote island's budding riding culture and the whatever-it-takes dedication to create a community that will last for generations.


Why We Chose This Film: Newfoundland, a province on the edge of Canada’s East Coast, is home to hearty and hardworking people that humbly survive on the area’s rugged and unforgiving land. It’s somewhat surprising to see a place like this – with such ideal mountain biking terrain - not have a more established riding scene. Dru focuses on a small but dedicated group of riders that have come together to grow the mountain bike scene in Newfoundland, their goal being to create a vibrant, self-sustaining community that will last for generations. Enjoy this story of homecoming, fellowship and following through on a dream.

Film 6/10 - Dirt is Soft

Filmmaker: Peter Wojnar

Synopsis: Getting hurt is, unfortunately, an eventuality with mountain biking. For some reason, hurtling ourselves down obstacle-riddled hills as fast as possible is inherently dangerous.

But for the most part, injury doesn’t scare us away: where others would back away, we push forward. Injury drives us to work hard for recovery and motivates us to be better. We have a tricky relationship with injury. But if the worst thing about getting hurt is the time away from our bikes that we’ll never get back, then the silver lining is that feeling when we finally get back on the horse.


Why We Chose this Film: Crashing sucks. As mountain bike riders, we have to come to terms to the fact that it's not if you'll crash... its when. We learn so much about ourselves in dealing with this reality and the journey to get back on the bike after injuries. Peter explores this relationship we have with crashing through thoughtful prose and powerful visuals. Enjoy this insightful film and remember to keep the rubber side down!

Film 5/10 - It’s Just Like Riding A Bike

Filmmaker: Markella Mildenberger

Synopsis: A brand-new mountain biker pushes all her limits as she attempts a 7-day stage race over 300 km with 10, 000 meters of elevation throughout the mountains of Coastal British Columbia. Faced with a handful of obstacles before the race even begins, she will meet a whole new set of challenges as the week progresses and discover what the cliché ‘It’s Just Like Riding a Bike’ really means.


Why We Chose this Film: We were so taken by Markella’s tenacity - despite being dealt a hand that was out of her control, she's found ways to persevere and seek out adventures around the world. We wanted to give her the chance to take on another in the BCBR. The mountain bike gives Markella a chance to see the world in a different way and her revelations from the back of the BCBR pack will give you all the feels. While you enjoy this impactful film, remember that every rider has a story and it may not be too far from your own.

Film 4/10 - The Isle of the Gods

Filmmakers: William Binamé and John Colthorpe

Synopsis: With only his bike and limited cash in hand, pro mtb rider, Keegan Wright will have to buy, barter, and beg for the necessary supplies and transportation to make his way across volcanoes, through temples and down rice terraces, all in search of trail freedom.


Why We Chose this Film: There are a lot of mountain bike films that travel to exotic locals, but the riders don't really immerse themselves in the local culture. The idea of having a rider with Keegan’s abilities and fun personality traveling around Bali and interacting with the local people sounded interesting to us, plus we were excited to see the beautiful countryside and dynamic riding terrain of this Indonesian Island paradise.

Film 3/10 - My Last Day of Summer

Filmmaker: Kristina Wayte

Synopsis: It’s the last day of summer and Julia is at the local bike shop hoping that her bike can be fixed. While checking out the flashy displays of new bikes and shiny components, a comic book catches her eye. The comic explores a world which stylizes the sights and sounds she experiences on the trails. The comic captures her imagination and she soon finds herself on a ride like none other.

p.s. If you thought the comic was rad, head over to Sketchy to pre-order one of your own:


Why We Chose This Film: A unique vision of the sights and sounds of mountain biking through a different medium. When Kristina Wayte pitched us on the idea of an animated project, we jumped at the chance to see the possibilities that animation brings. Kristina has not disappointed, delivering a dynamic and fresh vis riding and the freedom it brings to an amazing young rider – Julia Lofqvist Traum!

Film 2/10 - Billder

Filmmaker: Scott Secco

Synopsis: Bill McLane is a trail builder. What started as a hobby between forest firefighting seasons became a career which has helped shape the mountain bike scene on Vancouver Island. Billder takes a closer look at the craft and dedication behind the trails we sometimes take for granted. It shows that when people pursue their passion, we're all better for it.


Why We Chose this Film: A legion of dedicated and passionate trail builders are out silently building the mountain bike trails that we just take for granted. Passionate and selfless, they dedicate their entire existence around creating something that an entire community can enjoy and benefit from. Bill McLane is one such trail builder – his effect on the community of Nanaimo, BC is immeasurable and we wanted to see Scott tell Bill's story.

Film 1/10 - From Slide to Ride

Filmmaker: Skye Schillhammer

Synopsis: Darrington, Washington, sits nestled in the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains. This once prosperous logging town is now struggling to find an outlet for its community members and is working to fulfill the economic void once supported by the timber industry. On March 22, 2014, a landslide covered 49 homes, and claimed the lives of 43 people. This tragedy brought the community together, as they poured everything they had into the recovery. From this disaster, came the time to build a new identity, one rallying around the rugged and beautiful landscape surrounding the city. This is the story of how a natural disaster brought a town together and how mountain biking could bring inspiration back to the youth, and value to the community as a whole.


Why we chose this film: This film encapsulates the soul of what we think defines Creator Series - being able to fund a passion project by a filmmaker with a unique and heartwarming story. It’s a true testament to the power of community, mountain bikes, and the human spirit.

p.s. If you like and ride Darrington/Duthie/Raging/Olallie etc, be sure to join or renew your membership:

2019 Creator Series Launch Trailer

10 Filmmakers

10 Unique Stories

First Film Drops September 23rd

Creator Series is a community-focused initiative started by Race Face to provide a chance for filmmakers, accomplished or aspiring, to tell meaningful mountain bike-related stories that live beyond the standard fare of shreddits and product commercials that seem to be so prevalent in our everyday lives.

We wanted to fund projects that didn't have the resources to be told. Stories that might be overlooked because they didn’t fit into a certain mold. The global mountain bike community is an amazing collection of characters, stories and locations and we wanted to create a path for filmmakers to bring their passion projects to life, to inspire and remind us of the connections that bind us together as riders. The journey begins September 23rd, 2019.